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Your donation is appreciated.
Asking for donations is not easy.
So, why am I asking for donations?

I'm not going to say: "Hey, if you like this site or if the information is helpful, "Buy me chocolate" or "Help buy me a new computer by donating".

Back in 2010, which really isn't too long ago, I created this website as a way of accessing the data from our new weather station remotely and letting friends know what it's like in windy Gerringong. The amount of money needed to keep the website alive was a mere couple of dollars per month, I was happy with that, I thought of it like a subscription weather service, tailored to suit me.

After a few months, friends were telling their friends and the usage was going from one or two other visitors per day up to 10, 20, 30. With the number of visitors per day incresing at an exponential rate came emails, emails for features such as the graphs. I was spending more and more time building features that everyone was using and I was loving it.

Google Ads and I were on good terms, I was getting roughly 50c per week which was almost enough to cover the webhosting. Then a friend decided to click the ads and click them again, and again for about 15 minutes straight. I dreaded the outcomes when he told me to check my earnings and that i'd be happy with his efforts because I knew it would end badly. As it turned out he'd just killed my way of paying for the website, Google was able to detect the excessive clicking and ban my account. That was the end of my free webhosting, since then (December 2010) i've been paying for it 100% myself.

As I have added features, the site has become more difficult to maintain but it has also meant more files means more storage, more visitors viewing these new pages means more bandwidth, and using more of each doesn't come for free. I have had to up the plan the website is hosted on, costing a few extra dollars per month.

So, the point is:
I need your help to keep this site alive and to continue adding features, if you like this site or if the information is helpful, please donate. I would really like to add extra services to Jubilee Weather but some of these require me to purchase software or yearly subscriptions from third-parties which I would otherwise have to fund myself.

To donate, either use the PayPal link below, or email me: David (at) to arrange a different method. Alternatively, if you or your business would like to sponsor Jubilee Weather or advertise on our site, please email me using the address above and we can discuss possible options.

Got or want a smilar site?
If you are a personal weather website owner like myself and would like to use some of the scripts used here on Jubilee Weather, feel free to contact me as others have done and we may be able to arrange something. If you are an Illawarra local who wants a website developed, either similar to Jubilee Weather, featuring live weather or would like a website for your business, send me an email.